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Croise visits Foine

"Maybe...I thought it all went in so fast..."

"We all do." Omedus responded, drinking his tea. "We never expected this to happen."

Croise sighed and sank into a lower curl. "I'm worried...about Foine."

Omedus sighed with a small smile and held Croise's chin lifting it. "You know she would be fine, Croise. She's in perfect hands, surrounded by people who support her." He moved closer to the boy. "Now let me see your hand."

Croise nodded and faced his bruised palm upward.

Omedus studied it. "This should be gone soon." He held Croise's hand and felt it was cold. Then he turned it over to see hints of blue on his nails. "Croise..."

Croise laughed a short one. "I've probably been too worried, these days..."

"Surely, you are." Omedus turned to Croise, finally noticing the red blushes on his cheeks. It was surely not due to his emotions, but his health. "Have you been sleeping and eating properly?"

"Eating, yes. Sleeping..." Croise trailed off, bowing his head.

Omedus sighed. "Get some sleep. I'll take you to your room." He stood up and helped Croise up, as well, supporting him towards the door, up until the entrance of the school. There, they had met someone who told them Croise was being called to the headmaster's office.

"I'll be fine, Omedus." Croise smiled a small one. "Thank you very much..."

Worriedly, Omedus watched the boy walk with the stranger.

*Mrs. Calligraphy said this was the room.* Croise slowed down in front of a room by the dead end. He sighed and looked up, getting drowsy and tired. He was sure he was coming down to an illness and had better sleep soon. But he hadn't fixed his things, yet.

And there was Foine to visit.

Croise heard a soft noise from behind and turned to see Foine's parents and brother with Arderith. He gave a tired smile and nodded to all of them. "Good evening..."

Arderith gave a pleasant smile. "I'm sorry to have made you wait, Croise."

Croise shook his head. "It's okay. I just came..." He stepped aside and watched Arderith with the keys. She inserted it into the keyhole and twisted it open, making way into the dim room. Croise gulped at the scenery he imagined.

But he thought wrong when he entered.

He saw that the room was neat and fixed besides the bed. On it was Foine, arms wrapped around her legs and watching the night sky. She saw movement and turned to see who was coming. "Mrs. Calligraphy..."

"Good evening, Foine." Arderith worm her warm smile, once more, walking towards the girl. "Your family is here to visit you." She turned to them and saw that they were all coming inside. "And so is Croise..."

Foine wore a small smile. "Mama...Papa...Dawen...Croise...!"

Arderith decided to continue. "How are you feeling now, Foine?" She whispered.

Foine bowed her head and nodded. "A bit down, still..."

Arderith sighed and brushed away Foine's locks from her face. "I know how it feels...did you recieve any attacks?"

Foine nodded. "But the extra sealing device was helpful." It was an accessory hanging on her belt, now, that added to her device's strength. It was from Omedus' shop.

"That's good." Arderith smiled wider and showed it to Foine. "Smile, Foine. It doesn't end her."

Foine stretched her lips and nodded. "Thanks..." She whispered. When Arderith stood to leave she saw her family approaching and waited for them to reach her.

Croise was slightly relieved to see Foine smiling, again. He watched Arderith come closer and whispered. "How is she?"

Arderith nodded. "Much better. She smiles and talks, now. It means she's moving on..."

Croise didn't very well understand it. But he only smiled and nodded. Then he looked at Foine and her family. He was not used to having her smile so small.

Then again, this was better than having her silent for the whole day.

Foine saw Croise and invited him closer.

Croise gave a smile and nodded, then approached them. "Foine...I'm so happy to see you, again...!"

"I'm sorry I got you all so worried..." Foine said. "...I think it's about time you guys know what happened to me..."
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