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the only one they'll have (JP w/ Onna)

Is it morning already?

Onyx turned gingerly at the other side. Sunlight slowly poured outside and the window reflected its shine in the room. The entire place glared brightly. The dark-haired man placed a hand on his eyes in an attempt to shade his sight.

He sat up slowly and scanned the room for Croise. "He must've gone out already..? Did he even come here last night?" he asked out loud.

He quickly changed his clothes and stared at the bag handle peeking from the closet. Soon he would have to move again.

Just when I was getting used to it...

A knock brought him back to reality.

Meara peeked inside slowly, smiling a little when she saw that he was awake. "I think it's time for breakfast," she murmured.

Onyx smiled back. "Okay, I'll be out in a while. Just let me fix my bed,"

Meara nodded as she closed the door, taking a few steps to the middle of the hallway. She was going to miss this place, where so many events had changed her life. She saw the doorway leading to the garden, remembering the time when Sigma nearly lost control of his magic, insisting that she refrain from touching him.

Then there was the news that Larinya, Celestyn and Kierlan were sealed. She knew better about Celestyn and Kierlan, but her roommate...

A thought just came to her that filled her with sadness. If Celestyn and Kierlan are thought to be sealed, does this mean they won't be going to Sandur?

They wouldn't.

Meara felt like she was losing another friend, but it was for the best. Celestyn would be safer in Sollus than in Sandur.

Onyx opened the door and glanced at Meara who was lost in her thoughts. He raised a hand in front of her face. She blinked.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked.

Meara let out a small breath as she leaned against the wall, fingering the ribbon in her hair. "All these changes, it's all happening so quickly... I don't think Celestyn and Kierlan, now that they are sealed, are going to Sandur with us..."

"I know...it's happening quickly that it's too confusing already. I don't even know who's speaking the truth and which are simply lies. I don't know who to trust. I don't know where to go. Especially now." he started to walk across the hallway, with Meara following him close behind.

"What makes you think that Casthamor and the others won't be joining us anymore? I mean, even even if they're already sealed, would they have places to return to? I have a feeling that the fat guy won't be letting them off that easily.."

"I don't know if they have anywhere else to go, but I wouldn't blame Kierlan for keeping an eye on the Captain..." Meara stopped short as her green eyes saw the very person she was talking about.

Captain Siraak.

And he was fuming.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," he mocked. "If you think I've forgotten about you, Florentine woman, then you're going on the wrong path. You're not yet free."

"Free from what, Captain?" Meara said as calmly as she could. Her hands shook as she felt the evil presence in this man, and resisted the urge to reach over and hold on to Onyx's sleeve.

I'm not a child anymore...

But I'm scared...

"Oh....I see. The old trick, eh? Playing innocent, are we? It suits you, little woman. It suits you well." Siraak commented, smirking at her.

Onyx edged toward the captain. "Look, we're in a hurry now, so if you don't mind, save your bully plans later,"

Siraak was taken aback. "Another bitter tongue. Why does everyone dislike me? I do notice, however, you're quiet like the prince. I like that. And oh...how will I forget. Both are defending their beloved. How nice..." he remarked stressing the last part. He paused.

"...How sickening," he finished.

Onyx ignored the stout captain and took Meara's hand. He gently pulled her along and ignored Siraak when they went past him.

"If I were you, Florentine, I would run away. Far, far from here. Because that's all you can do. And wherever you will go, I will hunt you down. Simply because you were there. It's not your fault, though. You were just there. So you're involved here as well,"

Meara couldn't stop her shaking then and gripped Onyx's hand tightly. "All because I was there... all because I was her friend... you really are a heartless, pompous one..."

"No,little lady. I'm merely a man who is doing his job. But I admit, I'm enjoying this particular one." he called out.

"Let's go," Onyx said abruptly, completely dragging himself and Meara away from the captain.

Meara let out a soft sound of surprise when Onyx drew her into his arms to stop her shaking. She squeezed her eyes shut, fighting against the tears of rage and fright. "Celestyn... He's going to try to hurt her... I just know it... Onyx... I'm scared... he frightens me..."

"I know, I know.." he whispered, trying to comfort her. "We're not going to run away. If you're involved, then I'll involve myself too. We're going to fight him if that's what it takes." He loosened his hold on her, smiling.

"Let's go. After breakfast, we'll pack our things and go to Sandur. We'll have a fresh start. And hopefully get rid of the things that bother us here,"

Meara nodded as she used the back of her hand to wipe at her eyes. The realization came to her that the moment she steps into Sandur...

Onyx will be the only one she has...

It made her reluctant to move away from him, thoughts of Ruby making bile rise to her throat again.

Walking side by side, Onyx thought of things. Once I move from here, I won't be near Ruby anymore. She might follow me. But until then...

She will be the only one I have..
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Hey guys...nice post...
Hmmm, just two minor corrections. =) First, Siraak would be remaining in Sollus. =) Nikki and I need him for our plot to uncover. =)
Oh and the second thing...
this sounds really conceited of me...but I fear I have no choice. :-/ Um...i wish i can tell this in a better way but as of now, Siraak is "mas makulo dugo kay Kierlan" so um, I don't think it's likely for him to call Onyx the "more feisty" one....=( Sorry talaga, I sound so bossy there, pero I don't know how to put it more nicely, without telling you guys my plot outline...