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connection (JP w/ Onna)

Dawen nodded at Emie. "You're free for the day, Emily. Enjoy the town for a while."

"Okay! Thanks, Dawen! You're a peach!" she said bolting out of the pub's door.

"A....a peach?" Dawen confusingly spouted out loud.


Meara went ahead of Onyx. "So where do you want to go first?" she asked, smiling.

Onyx thought for a while. "Hmm..maybe to the pier. I have a nice memory of that. And you too." he replied.

Meara nodded, then frowned a little. "That is until she showed up..."

"Well, sceneries don't go nicely usually..." he commented. "But no matter, it's still a good one, don't you think?" he asked heading towards the wooden platform.

"Well... yes, it is," she gave him a smile as she sat down and slipped her shoes from her feet, placing them in the water.


"Hmm..where should I go today?" Emie wondered out loud. She swung her little pouch bag in time of her walking. She was tempted to grab a bite when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hey, pretty lady. Are you waiting for someone?"

Emie's eyes widened. "Um...no. I'm actually alone," the minute she said that, she clamped her hand on her mouth. She knew she made a mistake.


"Sometimes, I have this urge to go here. I don't know why. But it makes me feel at peace. Do you have that place of your own too?"

"I did, back in Dallsborough," Meara giggled to herself. "Believe it or not, I would climb to the rooftop of my house, so that I could watch everything and no one would see me."

"The rooftop? That must be some sight." he said, grinning.


"Let go of me!" she yelled, trying to yank her arm away from the man's grip.

"Come on......don't you want to have fun?"

Emie's face crumpled. "At least I know that I won't have fun with you!" she said forcing to weaken the man's power. Suddenly the man dragged her to a silent place.

"People are getting suspicious, lady. We have a dark and quiet place here to talk," he drawled.

"Talk," she whispered fearfully.


"When we get to Sandur, what's the first thing you want to do?" Onyx asked.

"I don't know..." she murmured, thinking about the possibilities. "I heard it's a snow-covered region, and there's always a lot of things to do with snow."

"Like..perhaps, snowmans?" he joked.

"Why not?" she grinned. "Snow angels, snow forts..."

"Ah...and snowball fights." he finished, smiling.


No words came out of Emie's mouth. She was too shocked and afraid. Much more when the man lifted out a knife from his hands and bending it slightly to make sure that she could see it.

I have to get out of here..but how? She glanced at the exit of the place and searched for the nearest and most possible palce to escape. Boats...the pier..and people! I can ask them to help me! He'll surely be outnumbered!

He grinned to her. "You seemed to have given up, little lady,"

Now the problem is how do I divert the attention of this man...


"You better not be thinking of throwing one in my direction," she warned.

"Hmm...now you've given me an idea," he teased.


"W...well..." Emie started.

"What is it?" the pervert asked.

"I..if you don't mind...I have to freshen up..I've been working for the whole morning. Surely you wouldn't want a sweaty and dirty-looking woman, wouldn't you?"

The man thought for a while. Emie's eyes blinked furiously. Come on...bite it..bite it..

"Fine," he said.

Yes! "Thank you very much. Now where was my brush...oh here it is.."

"A rather big brush eh? You pick strange items, lady?" he mocked.

"Oh yes...very strange..but at least they're useful." she said, while brushing her hair.

"Oh? Like when?"

"Like NOW!" she whipped the brush from her hair and in an instant she hit it straight towards the man's knee. The man howled in pain. To be sure, Emie gave a hard kick on the man's stomach. He doubled over and helplessly sat down to regain his strength.

"Come back here, you wretch!" he yelled.

"In your dreams, you sick guy!" she yelled, running out as fast as she could.


Onyx turned around. "Someone's making a scene..."

"Please! Please! Help me! A man is after me!"

Meara gasped as she pulled her feet from the water, recognizing the girl. "Emily!"

"The girl from the pub." Onyx recognized. He turned abrubtly and found a man with a knife that's heading directly to their direction. Onyx stepped forward.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"Get out of my way! That's my woman!"

"Your woman? Don't you think she's a little too young for you?"

"Why do you care? Get away now! If you don't want to get hurt!" he yelled. In an one hit, the man lost his consciousness as Onyx gave a hard punch in the same spot that Emie kicked him.

"T...thank you very much..." Emie whispered.

"Emily!" Meara ran over as soon as her shoes were on. "Are you all right?"

"M..Miss Florentine? Miss Florentine!!!" she exclaimed embracing her tightly. "I was so scared..so scared...he had a knife, you see. And no one was around.." the words flowed continuously.

Meara held the frightened girl. "It's all right, it's all right now. Onyx took care of it for you."

Onyx faced the two women. "Let's go somewhere. Before this freak wakes up. And maybe you can tell us the details in case he makes another commotion."

"Y..yes..of course," Emie said, looking closely at the young man who became more familiar to her now.
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