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1-2-XXXIX "Farewell for now" (JP with Nikki)

"I have devoted myself here ever since the school was established. I am willing to go even further however it seems that fate does not wish this so," Marguerite had sighed, her eyes on her clasped hands.

Arderith placed a hand on the older woman's shoulder, "Headmaster, as I had said, I have a family and a pledge to maintain the library. As much as I'd be honored to impart the sealing cause my life, this cannot be possible."

"Headmaster, be strong for us. Be strong for the students and most of all, for the sealing cause."

"Headmaster? Sir?"

Elyzaar, his head up to the skies populated by swerving seagulls, looked back to the awaiting commander that had come with them, "Oh, yes...We will leave by late afternoon to early evening. Perhaps after my students have taken their dinners. All our rations had been loaded, beds and blankets, books, among other necessities. I think my students needed time for their goodbyes."

The red-haired pale commander did not seem to care, but he only bowed his uplifted head, "As you wish."

Elyzaar descended the plank from the ship to the impatiently waiting Ceisyia, "How are the students?"

"Being good boys and girls," Ceisyia's ascending temper had faded, "They are taking their time to say their goodbyes."

Ceisyia sighed, unable to believe things had gone this far. As she did, she noticed a couple approaching them.

Kierlan Casthamor and Celestyn Hearthwell.

Ceisyia's eyes narrowed, noticing Kierlan's injuries.

What on earth had happened to him?

"Good afternoon, Headmaster." Kierlan greeted.

Celestyn stood beside him, waiting for the headmaster to acknowledge them. She was not too happy about letting Kierlan go with her to say goodbye but he had been adamant. She looked at him worriedly and hoped that he would be alright.

"Ah, Celestyn, Kierlan," Elyzaar stood aside as two ship crewmembers hoisted a chest to the plank. He regarded the young prince, "How are your injuries?"

Kierlan managed a grin. "I am recovering quite well, Headmaster, thank you."

Celestyn just regarded the headmaster with solemn dark eyes, not knowing how to begin.

"I will go see what the other teachers are up to." Ceisyia said, giving them privacy.

"Do you wish to talk to me about something?" Elyzaar held his hands together, looking down to Celestyn.

"I just wish to thank you, Headmaster. For everything." Celestyn replied. A half-smile. "I wish you a good life in Sandur." Yes, sometimes words are just not enough.

Kierlan held out his uninjured hand. "Likewise, sir."

Then it only had occurred to him, that that day is the last time he'll ever see those two students of his. Especially Kierlan who was a good companion in many ways. He took the hand and shook it, "You had been brilliant students. I wish you will be able to serve your purpose. And what a vital purpose it would be. Knowing your remarkable talents. Do take care of each other."

Kierlan gripped the headmaster's hand. "You can count on that, Sir. You have taught us well enough."

"Goodbye for now, Sir. And good luck." Celestyn added. "I don't hesitate to say that with you around, the students will be better equipped in facing the trials ahead."

"And I hope we will see each other again" Elyzaar placed his hands over his back, projecting a smile to break the emotions goodbyes are in born with, "And by then hopefully, we would have settled and adjusted...I believe we'll be in good hands. You should be too."

"We will, Sir." Kierlan said grinning.

In good hands...That brought a smile to Celestyn's face. Yes, she was definitely in good hands.

As Celestyn said goodbye to the professors she had had in school, Kierlan did the same with his past professors.

"Without you, I only have one well-behaved student in my class." Goldia said as she regarded the prim and lovely young woman, who had been one of her best students. "It's just as well that Miss Danaeross is also sealed. Take care of yourself, Miss Hearthwell."

"Yes, madame." Celestyn replied politely.

Marguerite looked over Celestyn's shoulder and saw Kierlan approaching them. "You have a fine woman with you, Mister Casthamor. Treat her well."

Kierlan grinned. "I am aware of that. Rest assured, madame, I will. Take care of yourself."

"Have you said goodbye to everyone?" Celestyn asked him.

He chuckled. "All except for one. Ready to face one of our nightmares?" He joked.

Celestyn could not help but laugh. "By all means." She paused thoughtfully. "I did learn a lot from Madame Dalintri."

Kierlan glanced at her wryly. "You mean, about herself?"

Celestyn was still chuckling when she and Kierlan looked up surprised to see Ceisyia Dalintri in front of them.

"Mister Casthamor...Miss Hearthwell..." Ceisyia greeted her head held high.

Kierlan bowed slightly as Celestyn curtsied. "We meet again, Madame Dalintri." Kierlan said dryly.

Ceisyia regarded him haughtily, though she looked like she was trying hard not to smile. "Your Highness, I had high hopes for you. Unfortunately, you did not respond to your inner calling and chose to go off chasing after criminals." At Kierlan's grin, she softened her tone: "Despite your antics, I must say you are one of the people who made my teaching life unforgettable in Sollus. Good that career of yours..." She said with a sniff. "Perhaps it is better this way, since you will be ruling Allonshire soon. I still think it would be wonderful for Allonshire to have an actor for a Prince..."

"Why, thank you for the words of praise, madame. I wish you luck. May you train the best actors and actresses ever seen on stage." Kierlan drawled.

"I believe I will, Mister Casthamor." Ceisyia informed him confidently before turning to the black-haired woman beside him.

Despite herself, she was not able but smile at Celestyn regretfully. "You have much talent in you, young woman. You would have made an exceptional actress."

"Thank you, Madame Dalintri, but I think I'm destined for a different path." Celestyn replied solemnly.

Ceisyia sighed dramatically. "So it seems. Unlike Mister Casthamor," She gave Kierlan a reprimanding look before turning back to Celestyn. "It is not yet too late for you to change course. If you do, you know where to find me. Good luck, Miss Hearthwell.

As they finished their goodbye's, Kierlan turned when he saw Celestyn wipe at the corners of her eyes.

"Aine?" He asked puzzled.

Celestyn smiled shakily. "Ever since I got here, I seem to be crying forever." She said with a wry smile. "I shall miss them. Everyone." She said quietly.

Kierlan nodded. "I know." He let out a breath. "So will I."
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