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Catching Up (JP w/ A-chan)

Hoof beats thundered through the trees as a golden-colored stallion raced through, trampling on the blades of grass as it ran. The little girl on its back squealed with delight, hanging on to the older girl as she pulled on the reins.

"Whoa there, Yurane. Good boy," Meara ordered as the horse slowed to a trot before stopping near a tree. "This horse likes running, a lot," she added as her hand reached over to pet the horse's neck.

Emie jumped down as soon as the horse went to a complete stop. "I love riding your horse, Miss Florentine!" she squealed.

Meara grinned at her. "Glad to know that. Now if your brother would get himself a horse, you probably would be able to ride as much as you like."

Emie rushed over to Onyx who was watching them. She tugged on his sleeve. "Can we? Can we?"

Onyx bit his lip as he looked amusingly at the girl who was apparently oozing with excitement and innocence.

"Uh...we'll see," he replied.

"Weee!" the girl exclaimed. She ran back to the horse and offered out her hand which the horse sniffed.

"You might as well have said yes," Meara giggled as Yurane sniffed around Emie's shirt. "And better warn her about a horse's appetite."

"Hey! The horse eats little girls! Better move out of its way!" Onyx called out.

"No it doesn't!" Emie called back. She bounced around the horse which made it more and more confused.

Meara reined in her horse to calm it. "I wouldn't do that, Emie. Horses get spooked easily, and Yurane is no exception."

Emie finally calmed down. The horse made one last sniff at her and it settled down to rest.

Onyx whispered to Meara, "Good thing your horse has a big amount of patience,"

"With all the children wanting to touch him back when I was a child? It's no surprise," Meara answered as she dismounted. "Now let's see your riding skills."

Onyx blinked. "M...my riding skills? But I've never ridden a horse before..." he said, trying to escape from it.

"Why do I get the feeling that it's not true?" Meara smiled in mischief as she shoved the reins in his hands.

"Not true?" Onyx echoed, the reins falling on his sides as he didn't made an attempt to catch them.

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Never ridden a horse eh? Come on, I don't believe that."

Onyx looked at one girl to another. Meara was looking at him mischiveously while the younger girl was looking at him with an expectant glitter. He sighed.

"Fine, fine," he said, picking up the reins.

"Yay!" Emie squealed again.

Onyx gripped the reins and tried to associate himself with the horse in hopes that Yurane would remember him enough not to throw him. It has been a long time since he rode a horse that he almost thought that he forgot how to.

The horse grunted softly at the added weight. Onyx positioned himself properly and gave a little wave at the two women.

Meara waved back and whispered to Emie, "All right, he's on the horse."

"Yup! I can't wait to see him out there!" Emie replied gleefully, waving at her half-brother.

Onyx gave the horse a gentle kick and the horse obliged. In a few minutes, the horse galloped gracefully around the vast grassland with Onyx handling it effortlessly.

"And he claims he can't ride," the raven-haired girl smirked.

"My half-brother seems to be a good liar!" Emie declared. And the two women laughed softly.

Onyx calmed down the horse when it neared the tree where it rested a while ago. He mounted and let go of the reins.

"You were so cool out there!" Emie excitedly said.

The other girl nodded. "I would have to agree."

"Thanks," Onyx mumbled.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in fun and chatters, the long-separated siblings talking about their lives since they last saw each other. Each of them wished that the day would never end.

Sadly, it eventually did.
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