Liv (ex_koori435) wrote in demon_spawn,

Croise packs (JP with Neesama)

With a grunt, Croise threw all his heavy clothes into his baggage. He took time to rest and wipe his sweat. The day was bright and he felt better. Even if Foine's news was surprising, she had definitely felt better after saying it. He stood straight, taking a native Eastern wear and started folding it. Omedus couldn't help him pack, he was busy with his own.

The door knocked.

"It's open!" Croise called, his cheery voice foreign to him. But his smile had somehow faded when the tall woman came in. "C, cousin..."

Larinya forced an attempt to smile but it looked like a smirk instead, ".....Hello."

Croise wore a wide lip smile. "Come in, Larinya." He decided to take a break from his packing and approached the tea service.

"I won't stay long, I don't know when you'll leave so I thought I'd say goodbye or something," Larinya only took three steps in the room, "So...Good luck"

Croise stopped from his movements, once more. His smile faltered. He had never thought this day would come. He thought they'd be able to be sealed together and return to the East together.

He thought wrong.

"It feels strange..." Croise forced a small smile. "I don't know how it will be...not seeing you in classes and in the hallways as I usually did..." He didn't know what to say. But he knew that his cousin knew that he was definitely saddened. He turned to her with that small smile, still. "I'm not sure when we'll meet, again. So...I want to thank you now." He approached her and wrapped his arms around her. "Thank you for everything, Cousin. Maybe you're asking what you did for me. I, I guess I don't know it, myself...but I know you did something for me. And for that, I'm thanking you..."
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