Onna (pionna) wrote in demon_spawn,

Taking Another Step... (w/ OOC)

Meara watched as the breeze stirred the water beneath the boat, revealing the schools of fish that swam beneath the azure liquid. The movement of the water rocked the boat slightly and strands of her hair blew across her face.

She reached up to brush them back, making sure they did not block her view of Sollus, and the school. The now-familiar streets she would often walk when she would buy groceries were filled with people. Chattering people, tall people, small people. All kinds of vendors and food and grain. Meara sighed.

She fingered the letter that was pinned to her cloak, the letter Chayise Vearne had entrusted her to give to Onyx. At the time of her own choosing...

But when was the right time?

She sighed again and pulled the cloak tighter around herself. The air was beginning to get cold, and the last thing she wanted was getting sick.

The action made her notice that golden locket that was laced around her wrist, the pendant shining brilliantly in the setting sun. Eternity...

Michael had expected to be with Adara forever...

And so did she...

Meara turned the locket so that the pendant rested on her palm, feeling that same touch on her mind as the one she felt that day she entered Lubomir. She closed her fingers around it, mentally promising to end all this.

And hopefully, leave Michael at peace.
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