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1-2-3-4-5-I “The Protective Barrier Crumbles” (W/ OOC)

He inhaled the cool air of the autumn afternoon. It was approaching sunset.


He smiled.

She had always been fond of the sunset. He remembered that about her…

Among other things.

Soon, he would have to talk to her and be reminded…

His smile widened. Yes, that would indeed be ideal. He would talk to her soon.

It was such a shame he could not take pleasure in feeling the wind against his skin in the balcony at the moment. It was getting too tiresome to be confined within the mansion’s dull and dark walls.

Valley of Aoibhell…

How fitting it is for his temporary dwelling to possess that name. Soon, he would have to make sure that she and the others would realize how fitting the name is…

“Master, would you like to go out for a little while today?”

He did not turn when he heard Arawn speak cautiously behind him. He had felt his follower’s presence the moment he entered the room.

“What use is it for you to ask when we both are aware that I cannot do so?” He replied calmly.

Behind the towering armchair, Arawn frowned curiously. His Master seemed to be in an agreeable mood…What had happened?

“A good day, isn’t it, Arawn?” He smiled knowingly. He knew what his follower was thinking. He knew everything.

Arawn nodded cautiously.

“I cannot see you if you nod.”

At the calm yet sharp reprimand, Arawn jumped. It was warm in the room but he could feel chills within him. He had always felt chilled in that room. “Yes Master. I a-agree…It is q-quite a g-good day for a…a…sail…perhaps?” Arawn hastily blabbered.

His Master chuckled. “Only for a mere sail? For a day as fair as this, a journey would be more suitable. Hmm…Perhaps towards somewhere far off east, wouldn’t you say?” He continued leisurely.

“Yes, yes…Definitely Master.” Arawn agreed immediately.

Silence. Cold silence.

Arawn fidgeted, wanting nothing more than to leave the room.

“They are leaving, you know.”

Arawn nearly jumped when he heard the whisper. “W-who?”

“The students of the sealing school. They are leaving for Sandur. I could feel it.” He laughed softly. “And one of them will leave, breaking her barrier of protection. I can feel her presence more now. Her powers…Yes, her powers…” Soon, her powers would all be his…

Arawn came to stand in front of his Master and knelt, taking his Master’s hands fervently in his. “You are so great, Master! You are sure to defeat her! Soon, your plans will be fulfilled!”

At that, the man Arawn was nearly worshipping laughed. “Yes, Arawn. It is only a matter of time. The barrier is starting to break.” He rasped, his slate-gray eyes darkening to black.

You cannot hide from me forever, child…


Celestyn stifled a cry at the sudden, sharp pain in her head.

Kierlan turned instantly, feeling Celestyn’s cold hands grip his arm. “Aine?” Worriedly, he looked at her suddenly pale face. “Celestyn, what is it?”

She gripped her head, trying to will the pain to go away. “My head…It hurts…” She winced again. “Fates…Kierlan…” The pain will not go away. She could feel it…The sharp and painful intrusion…

As her knees started to give way, Kierlan swung her up in his arms and carried her over to a large crate and sat her there, his arm around her.

He knew that he could not let her see how worried he was. Her face was so pale and she was shaking. The torment he was seeing in her face shook him to the core. But he could not let her see how worried he was. Instead, he just sat there grimly and held her while she struggled with the pain.

His relief could not be greater when her breathing turned normal once again.

Her face, he noticed with fear, still remained pale. Her hands were still shaking.

And her gray-blue eyes had much fear when she looked up to meet his eyes.

“My barrier of protection…Kierlan…” She had expected this – expected it the moment she gave part of the amulet to Meara.

He saw the answer in his eyes. Instantly, his grip on her shoulders tightened.

“It is crumbling.” Celestyn whispered.


Inside the Artists’ Lounge, the visitors nearby the table at the corner turned at the loud thud.

“That’s one of my best mugs, man! Be thankful it did not break!” They heard Kalil Feningham yell.

The person he was yelling at, however, appeared not to care.

Ivarus merely nodded at him curtly, picking up the mug calmly from the floor.

His emotions, however, were anything but calm.

What is this? Why do I suddenly feel that trouble is coming? He thought, trying to force his forgotten memories into the surface…

But all he could remember was a black-haired woman with vulnerable gray-blue eyes.


As she watched the students and teachers prepare for the journey, Ariadne suddenly shivered.

She pulled the shawl tighter around her but it had no effect. She felt so cold…so cold all over…

The seamen were preparing to go home with their catch. The crew was pulling up the sails, preparing the ships to leave and carry the students and teachers to that safe town in the east, Sandur…

Fates…Why is it that I feel that as they leave, they will be taking all the peace of the town with them? Will there be no peace left for us?
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