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Thea Hearthwell

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3-VII “Helplessness”

Ivarus could see her.

Celestyn Hearthwell.

She sat there, not so far from him, her ebony hair lightly teased by the early evening’s breeze.

Those striking and elegant features…So much like the woman in his dreams…

Ivarus could see how her slender hand gripped the hand of the dark-haired man holding her close, whose back was to him. Though she did not say anything, Ivarus knew she was fighting an inner battle.

And somehow, he could swear that the pain he felt was hers as well.

How could she make him feel so much?

Even as he wondered, he could feel an overwhelming sense of pride within him as he beheld how she struggled to be strong, despite the pain…

An inner struggle…Yet, he could feel it.

How could this be?

He had come here to ask her for answers.

As Ivarus walked away, he realized that he had left with more questions than he had when he came here.

How was it that he could not bear to trouble her mind any further? How could he care so much for a stranger?
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