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Demon Spawn: The Rise of the Kingdoms

Demon Spawn
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In the fantasy genre, especially in the medieval setting, there is rarely a war that is not without magic.

The world of demon spawn is of no exception. It is magic that encouraged and provided the destructive effects that would traumatize a civilization forever. For whomsoever has the more powerful mastery of this art, wins.

After the second eventful world war that destroyed a frightening amount of lives leaving lands infertile and pulling the world to decades of depression and despair. Avenes Falkswain, a known propagator of peace has proposed to existing world leaders what could lift them from their doomed destiny. The sealing of magic.

That idea was accepted and promulgated with open arms. It was all they need to change their culture and melancholic way of life. In no time, horrifying bed time stories, legends and folktales about magic were told to young children by the agonized elders who never again would want the uprising of another war. Civilization was banned from any kind of magic. New schools created specially for the sealing of magical abilities and deem them useless have entered. Age is not an issue.

Hope was introduced as the more human-centered activities are given importance. It was the age of arts and science. Of a child wanting to be an actor, to study, be affluent and known to the world.

If there was anything to worry about, it would be how to pay the taxes the coming month.

The story focuses on the town of Sollus, one of the wealthier towns and known for having the best school in the sealing of magic.

Any person known to possess or perhaps unconsciously master a form of magical ability is not discriminated in any way (their town mayor himself, Avenes Falkswain II, is a result of the successful sealing project), that is if that person does something to seal that ability so to do him/herself and the society a favor. It will be that person's duty to consult the sealing school about his/her situation.

Magic users who will not submit to the laws and will continue to utilize his/her abilities, intentionally or not, are condemned to be criminals, outcasts or, as elders would have it with a shaking of a finger upon ending their bedtime stories, demon spawns.

More information can be found in the Memories section.